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Coop’s Corner Episode 9: Referability

Are you delivering a customer experience that you believe cannot be replicated anywhere else? In this episode of Coop’s Corner, “Referability,” we talk about the importance of getting to know your clients on a deeper level and how Skylight Financial Group can help provide you with those opportunities. Check out the video down below! Browse […]

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Coop’s Corner Episode 8: Complexity

Did you get into the financial services industry to help people achieve financial freedom and reach their goals, but soon found yourself caught up in the immense complexities of the industry? In this episode of Coop’s Corner, “Complexity,” we discuss the resources that Skylight Financial Group provides to make YOUR job much simpler, so you […]

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Introducing Coop’s Corner | Episode 1: Be First or Be Different

Welcome to the very first episode of Coop’s Corner, a monthly video series focused on key topics and challenges of the financial services industry, presented by Skylight Financial Group. Each month, we sit down with Associate Managing Partner Charles Cooper (or “Coop,” as you will soon come to know him) to address common industry pains […]

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