The Skylight Showcase: New Hires of November 2020

Taylor Myers

December 2, 2020

Join us in welcoming our newest addition to the Skylight family. Get to know Taylor below!

Taylor Myers, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Cleveland

Why did you choose to work at Skylight?

I chose to work at Skylight because after going through the interview process, I knew that it was a special place. I already felt the sense of their community and strong values through the people I talked with and knew that was something I wanted to be a part of.

Outside of the office, what do you enjoy doing?

Most of my time outside of the office includes hanging out with friends and family and traveling; if I combine the two, I am the happiest! I enjoy exploring new places or sharing my favorite places with the people I love. If I am not doing any of these things, you can find me catering to my two dogs’, Buddy & Biscuit, every need. 

What was your first job ever? What did you like/ dislike about it?

My first job was during high school and I worked for a wedding planner. It was one of the most magical and stressful jobs ever! Being a part of someone’s special day is like nothing else but remembering that if you mess up is a lot of pressure. Also, every day on the job was full of positive and exciting energy. 

What is the funniest “dad joke” you know?

What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta. 

Thanks for sharing, Taylor!