Watch: Make More Than Promises, Make Plans

Taylor Myers

July 19, 2021

Who are the important people in your life? How do you find the balance in fulfilling your promises to those who count on you, without forsaking the ones that you’ve made to yourself?

We are excited to present a new video that addresses these questions and highlights the experience you should expect to receive at Skylight Financial Group: “Make More Than Promises, Make Plans.” While the script of this video has backed Skylight’s values for years, we have recently given it an updated look to resonate even more than ever with the clients we aim to make a positive impact on daily.

An original version of this video was created several years back to replace brochures that usually were tossed to the side or became coasters. Changing the format to video makes it very accessible, easy to consume, and gives those looking for a financial professional a better sense of whether Skylight is the right place for them. We put our clients at the center of everything we do, and this piece is designed to emanate that message.

The author behind the script, Retired Chief Marketing Officer Dan Brennan, said, “As clients watch the video, I want them to say: ‘that’s me.’ I want the messaging to create a desire to do something about their financial situation, or ensure that when they are ready to do something about it, they know where to go.” Watch the video here:


If this message resonates with you, it’s time to take control and get ahead of the game with Skylight Financial Group so you can make more than just promises, make plans.

If you’re looking for a financial professional to build a lasting relationship with, connect with one of our dedicated team members today.