Experienced Professionals

Overpromised & underdelivered?

What happened to all the support you were supposed to receive—the high level of assistance, the marketing capabilities, the individualized attention? Our robust infrastructure allows you to focus on your clients while leveraging our resources to allow you to deliver sophisticated solutions faster. Let’s build your future together.

Newer to the Industry

You're ready to take your career to the next level.

What does that look like to you? At Skylight, it means tons of support, unlimited growth potential, and doing something that allows you to make a profound impact on the lives of others. We provide you with the tools you need to learn how to be a better business owner and build a practice from the ground up. Contact us today.  

Career Changers

Now is the time.

You've worked hard at your current job, but you still feel like there's something else out there that will challenge you. You want flexibility in your time. Perhaps you've been passed over for the promotion you feel you deserved. It's time to take control. If you've been looking for a sign of a better opportunity, this is it. Let's connect today.

Coop's Corner

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Coop's Corner is a video series where we address common industry pains head on, and talk about the crucial systems that we have in place to empower the professionals who make up the firm to differentiate themselves, and provide a first class client experience that we believe simply cannot be replicated elsewhere. Browse the series.

Recent Career Insights

Coop's Corner Episode 10: Outgrown Leadership

Coop's Corner Episode 9: Referability

Coop's Corner Episode 8: Complexity

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Insights and advice from our team of experienced professionals to help you stay primed for success throughout all of your professional endeavors. Browse the blog.

Our Process

A training plan & a team to support your needs

Being a business owner can be overwhelming. If you are going to grow your practice, you have to work alongside the right model for success. At Skylight, our entire infrastructure is built around providing financial professionals with the support necessary to accomplish their goals. Our process helps you overcome the challenges that business owners face from the minute you decided to start your journey with us.

We support our planners through a number of industry-leading services:

  • A fully staffed marketing team to assist you in print, digital, and event-based initiatives
  • Development and coaching programs based on the best business practices, psychology, and process efficiency
  • A team-based culture that allows you to work alongside veteran planners
  • Dedicated licensed paraplanners committed to your operational needs
  • A case design team ready to eliminate your “analysis paralysis”
  • New business professionals to handle all your underwriting and processing
  • A compliance department that works with you—not against you
  • Highly skilled staff of technology support personnel
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