Golfing for the Greater Good with Skylight’s Stephen Niple


May 21, 2019

Last weekend, Steve Niple assembled an all-star Skylight team to take part in Synergy Networking Team’s golf fundraiser at the Bunker Hill Golf Course. The contributing members of the foursome were Steve, Matt Dohar, Katy Bryan, and Scott Dubin. The event is put on every year by Synergy, whose mission is not only benefiting its members, but the surrounding communities as well.

Steve is a long-standing member of the Synergy Networking Team, which was founded back in 2012. “Other networking groups put so much focus on monthly requirements and referrals” says Steve. “This group was started to focus on what really matters—bringing likeminded individuals together and being a force for good in the world.” Over the course of 7 years, the group has expanded to 30 members and now contributes thousands of dollars towards community initiatives.

The golf outing took place on Friday afternoon and hosted more than a hundred participants. The proceeds from this event went to Synergy’s non-profit partner Feeding Medina County. This local organization is committed to eradicating food insecurity across the state by implementing charitable programs, including food distribution projects and community gardens.

“In addition to having a fantastic time on the golf course, we were able to raise a lot awareness and money for the families in need across Medina County” said Matt Dohar. “We are very grateful for the opportunity to support these organizations.”

“I have enjoyed watching Synergy develop into what it is today” said Steve. “This group of people truly understands that if you possess the ability to make the world a better place, you owe it to the world—and yourself—to do so.” Steve went on to say “this is the very same vision and commitment to community that attracted me to the Skylight team back in 2015. Both organizations put action behind their philosophies and the result is a community we can all take pride in.”

Thanks for your time Steve! Synergy Networking Team is always looking for new members in the Northeast Ohio area. To learn how you can get involved, visit their homepage here.