Skylight Showcase: New Hires of March 2019


March 27, 2019

This month, the Skylight family grew by two! Meet Donna below:

Donna Lightner, Operations Assistant, Cincinnati

Why did you choose to work at Skylight?

What attracted me to Skylight was the “people”.  When I first met with Trisha Rutherford regarding the position, I was very impressed with what she said about the company and the fabulous team at Skylight.  The culture of excellence that has been built within the organization alongside the focus on building relationships and trying to make lives better was everything I was looking for.  I feel blessed to be part of the team!

What causes, or community services do you have a passion for?

My passion is for supporting young people who have not lived in a positive family environment; those who were neglected by their parents or didn’t have positive role models in their life. My family and I have connected with children facing these issues and we have opened our home to them. I was blessed to have the opportunity to build relationships with these kids and provide some love and guidance.

Throughout the years, we had several young people come and live with us for a while until they were able to get on their feet.  I am known as their second “mom” and that makes me so happy and proud!  The kids were a mutual blessing to me as well, because it was so rewarding to be able to guide them, take them to church and teach them about the Lord, and show them the love they never had!

What life achievement are you most proud of?

The life achievement that I am most proud of would be the opportunity I had to serve my Country.  I enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and successfully completed bootcamp at Paris Island, SC.  While in bootcamp, I was selected to graduate in the honor platoon and received a meritorious promotion to the next rank.  The discipline, teamwork and values that I learned helped shape and define who I am.  It was an honor and privilege to serve, and I have the highest respect for all veterans and those who have paid the ultimate price to keep our Country free!

What was your first job ever?  What did you like/dislike about it?

My first job was working as a secretary at a YMCA.  It was my first opportunity to work in an office setting.  I was responsible for greeting the members, collecting their membership dues, and performing a variety of clerical duties.  What I liked about the job was that every day was different, and I got to meet a lot of different people.  Also, as an employee, I got to use the gym and workout for free!

What TV show are you hooked on?

I really enjoy watching “The Resident” and “Chicago Med”.  I like the medical shows because I enjoy the heartfelt situations and the efforts of the doctors to save lives.  I believe it stems from working so closely with physicians for the past 15 years in my previous role as an HR professional.  I so respect the physicians for what they do and the sacrifices they make!

Thanks for sharing!