Working Together


Our greatest asset is each other. At Skylight, we work together, celebrate together, and serve our clients together.

Giving Back


It's more than where we live, it's the people and organizations we are proud to serve across the state of Ohio and beyond.

Authentic Relationships


We make genuine connections with each and every client, building relationships that last a lifetime - not a fiscal quarter.


The Skylight Foundation

The Skylight Foundation is the philanthropic arm of our organization that formed in 2009 and was fomerly known as the Michael Carter Foundation. In its five years of existence, the Michael Carter Foundation supported many non-profit organizations within the special needs community. 

The scope of the Skylight Foundation has since then been extended to support a much broader range of non-profit and charitable organizations. The mission of the organization is to enhance the lives of individuals and families by assisting organizations that focus on education, social issues consistent with Skylight's values, and support traditionally underserved communities. 


The Skylight Showcase: New Hires of May 2023

At Skylight, our culture isn’t just what we say, it’s what we stand for and what makes us who we are. We know that our greatest asset is each other. We work together, celebrate together, and serve our clients together – and we welcome together. In May, we were excited to welcome Tanisha, Steve, and…


Blurbs from the Firm: Mother's Day

On Mother’s Day (and always), we honor and show appreciation for the loving women who help make us who we are. Mothers can be many things – a first friend, a guiding light, a teacher, a protector, a role model, to name a few. But one thing is certain…no one can take her place.  In…


Your Mind Matters! How to Keep a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Work can be stressful. No matter how much you love your job, everyone has bad days in and out of the workplace setting. Separating work life from home life is an important boundary we all need to learn how to set, so work problems don’t follow you home and personal problems don’t follow you to…