Women’s History Month 2020 at SFG


March 12, 2020

The Skylight family is celebrating National Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day by showcasing the extraordinary women of the firm across Ohio! We asked each of these ladies one simple question: What inspires you to come into work every day? Check out their responses below!

Lori Howe, Financial Planner

“I am inspired by making a difference in people’s lives each and every day. I have had the privilege to work in this industry for over 30 years and from my first day to my last day that will be my biggest motivator!”

Jennifer Hill, Chief Agency Supervisory Officer

“My favorite part about coming to work every day is being a part of an organization that promotes internal growth, provides me with great leadership opportunities and have helped me develop into my current role over the past 17 years. Skylight also gives me the chance to work with a vast array of wonderful people!”

Sara Canterbury, Financial Planner

My favorite part of coming to work each day is having the chance to make a difference in each one of my client’s future. I enjoy working with my clients to understand what their goals are, then making a plan to reach those goals. Periodic check in’s help my clients understand the progress they’ve made and gives them a sense of confidence to keep moving forward. Helping my clients reach a specified goal and the feeling they get from that is the reason I get up and come to work each day.

Jill Taplin, Director of New Business

The best part about coming to work is knowing that I am contributing to the success and growth of Skylight’s financial professionals across the state! Having been a part of this team for over 11 years, I am also very grateful for the relationships I have made here and look forward to building new ones in the future!

Rita Kholsa, Financial Planner

I have spent 30 wonderful years as a financial planner, and I still look forward to coming into the office every day because the work we do is all about empowering people. Facing the loss of a job or a loved one can be terrifying to face alone but having the chance to be there for my clients in moments of need has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my life.

Trisha Rutherford, Chief Operating Officer

My favorite part of coming to work every day is my amazing team that feels more like family than coworkers. Knowing that those around me are striving to be the best versions of themselves, motivates me to rise up and push forward—especially on the tough days. I’m beyond thankful and blessed for each one of them. TOGETHER, we make Skylight a different experience for our clients.

Jessie Hansen, Financial Operations Analyst

My favorite part about coming to work every day is our team and our environment! We have fun together, the environment is relaxing, yet professional, fun, yet business-like. I love that my job never gets boring! I enjoy helping people and I get to do that often in my position—problem solving and figuring things out until we come together for those “light bulb” moments. If I could wish anything, it would be to have found Skylight sooner in my career. It is by far one of the best companies I have ever worked for and I love how management and the owners truly care about their employees!

Katy Bryan, Financial Planner

Getting to meet new people each day, helping them solve their problems, and providing education along the way. I love the team atmosphere here at Skylight. Everyone is there to help everyone!

Angie Barney, Financial Advisor

First and foremost being able to get up and go every morning is a blessing and I love coming to work because its not work… it’s what I do! I help new financial professionals grow and become better business owners. I collaborate with my clients to help them enjoy their long-term dreams whether that is saving for a special event, leaving a legacy for their family, or retiring in the way they want to retire. That makes every day a beautiful day to be in business.

Phylicia Prince, Senior Compliance Coordinator

My favorite part about coming to work is being able to make a difference to the people that I work with and for. Even if I just do something small to help make something easier for someone it’s very rewarding. Most importantly, I enjoy coming to work because I know I am helping to provide for my family. They motivate me to get up each morning and do my best!

Erin Stidham, Director of Financial Planning & Sales Operations

My favorite part about coming to work every day is the opportunity to engage with different people who share my passion of being of service to others. I am fulfilled each day when I assist someone in achieving their goals. It is because of my colleagues and our collaborative work environment that helps me grow both personally and professionally!

Amie Fox, Financial Planner

Every day in my life as a planner presents something different. Sometimes I like the surprises of a new client reaching out, or an exciting event that happens for someone. Other times I find sadness in my work when something terrible happens to one of my families. Yet, as I work through all the life stuff, I know at the end of the day I can make a positive impact in times of need. I know my clients need me to guide them, listen to them, reassure them and celebrate with them. It is always satisfying to be one of the people on their team. In addition, my work lets me be who I am at home. I set an example for my children that I think is important, and I find my roles are similar in nature. My family needs me to guide, listen, reassure and celebrate them too!

Thanks for sharing, everyone!