Cheers to Skylight’s Bronze, Silver, and Gold Associates of 2020


February 8, 2021

The 2021 Skylight Virtual Awards Gala was a unique, but nonetheless fun celebration that brought the entire Skylight family together! As a community we excitedly waited for the focal point of the evening—the Silver and Gold Associates of the Year Awards. These individuals have shown exceptional performance in all that they have done in the past year. Whether it be helping those in their community, supporting Skylight, or growing their own practice, they came out on top during one of the most strenuous years many have experienced. Cheers to these associates for overcoming the challenges! Here are our top performers of 2020 and their reactions:

Silver Associate of the Year:

Chris Reinke continues to be exceptional in his career and has rightfully earned the Silver Associate of the Year Award. Being presented such a title is nothing new to Chris as each year he rises to the top of any challenge. He is a consistent leader in life insurance and disability income insurance production.

“Thank you to everyone involved in the organization of the Awards Gala this year.  The thought, care and concern that went into this event during the pandemic was fantastic.  I was taken back by the care package that arrived at my door and the thought that went into it! 

“It was an honor to receive an award this year.  I am very thankful to everyone in the agency and at my office that worked through the ongoing pandemic to help our clients.  It is a privilege to be a part of the SFG Team and the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) team!”

Gold Associate of the Year:

It is with pleasure to present Michael Buganski the most honorable award, Gold Associate of the Year. Mike not only exceeds in every aspect of his professional career, striving to help create the best future for his clients, but is genuinely a joy to be around. He made this gala extra special, as he was an exuberant cohost with a funky outfit… take a look at the pictures for yourself.   

“I was amazed to see how many people attended and participated in our first ever Virtual Awards Gala! A huge thank you to Trisha and her team for pulling this off. I was extremely humbled to see my name as the “Gold Associate of the Year” as there are so many incredible financial professionals within Skylight Financial Group. Another huge thank you to Paul & Mike who create an environment that allows us to interact and learn from all these other great professionals. The support, the opportunity to learn and opportunity to grow is why my amazing team chooses to be part of the Skylight Family.”

Congratulations on all of your accomplishments, gentlemen! Be sure to check out the full photo album from the event.