Coming Together: Blurbs from the Firm


March 18, 2021

The past year has been full of challenges to overcome, both in and out of the workplace. Skylight was fortunate enough to be flexible for the firm’s stability and well-being during the height of the pandemic and continued to keep the culture strong by staying connected virtually. For that, we thank our extraordinary leadership: Managing Partners Paul Fox and Mike Connole and Chief Operating Officer Trisha Rutherford!

This video was originally presented at our Virtual Awards Gala January 15, 2021.

As we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we asked the SFG team to reflect on the pandemic with the question: What have you appreciated about Skylight the most over the past year?

Check out some of the firm’s responses on how Skylight has helped them through this demanding year:

Phylicia Prince, Executive Assistant

During the pandemic, I have appreciated the firm’s effort to keep us connected and together. The operations team and many others have gone above and beyond to show we are all together during this time. The Zoom happy hours, the check-ins, the Virtual Awards Gala, and the miscellaneous goodies sent to the house make me appreciate Skylight Financial Group.

Jessie Hansen, Financial Operations Analyst

I appreciate the fact that I have had employment this whole time.

I feel blessed because I could work from home to be near my husband, who has significant health issues. I love my Skylight Family!

Robert Nowak, Financial Planner

Skylight’s operational decisions, especially early on during the pandemic, enabled me to continue servicing my clients. For many of them, this contact with me or Skylight brought a feeling of stability during a time of uncertainty and stress.

Mary Gensler, Operations Coordinator

What a privilege it is to be working at Skylight. Our top priority is to keep all employees and associates safe, and we have taken measures to make that happen. We were all asked to work from home for a period of time, and with the high level of technology and equipment that we have, the transition was seamless. This allowed all of us, no matter our personal circumstances (for instance, young children at home or health issues), to remain safe at home. We are incredibly fortunate to work with a company that remains steadfast in putting all of our welfare first.

Angie Barney, Director of Accountability

I most appreciated that we just kept going because we already work with people all across the state; we were accustomed to working via email, Zoom, and Teams.  With much of our world being virtual, it allowed us to embrace it even more.  I believe the Monday Morning Coffee Talks, Strategy Meetings, and Tech Tidbit Fridays brought all of us together where location had no barriers. The flexibility of how we work is truly a living part of Skylight’s culture.

Jill Taplin, Director of New Business

I am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to work from home.  I feel very fortunate that I never had to worry about not making ends meet like so many people have. Even though we are all spread out over the state, we were still able to come together for our annual awards banquet and received an awesome “goody box” filled with treats and spirits for us to enjoy with everyone. 

Susan Yako, Financial Marketing Assistant

As assistants, a group of us have kept in touch with a monthly virtual happy hour. We always tried to get together pre-COVID after work every few months at a restaurant or someone’s house for a night out, so it was important for us to continue it virtually!

On our monthly Zoom sessions, we share new work procedures but also take time to discuss what is going on in our own lives and how we are doing. These meetings are what have kept our team’s camaraderie alive.

I cannot wait until we can all get back together to problem-solve, bounce ideas off each other, find solutions, and much more, all in person! I look forward to the day we can share a drink, meal, and laugh! 

Thanks for sharing, everyone, and once again, thank you to our amazing leadership for getting us through this difficult year!