Trisha Rutherford

Chief Operating Officer

Trisha Rutherford, a lifelong Cincinnati native, embarked on her journey with Skylight Financial Group in 2003, where she started as a front desk receptionist. Over the years, Trisha has undertaken various pivotal roles within the firm, consistently infusing her renowned enthusiasm and extensive operational expertise into each one.

Trisha’s core mission is unwavering: to provide an unrivaled commitment to service for every member of the Skylight team. She accomplishes this by adeptly overseeing operational systems, nurturing organizational growth, ensuring the efficiency of all firm procedures, and motivating a dedicated support staff to deliver results-driven service. Through steadfast dedication to this mission, Trisha empowers the financial professionals at Skylight to focus on their core objectives—building their practices and providing exemplary client support.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Trisha remains actively engaged in her community, participating in her church, and multiple community organizations throughout the Cincinnati area. Currently, she resides on the east side of the city with her husband, David, and their two children.

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