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Coop's Corner Episode 7: Teaming

When it comes to your team, do you have a structured administrative design and a plan in place to handle your book of business? In this episode of Coop’s Corner, “Teaming,” we talk through the internal systems and models that Skylight Financial Group has in place to help build a successful team. Check out the […]

Coop's Corner Episode 6: Lack of Commercial Value

Have you come to the realization as a financial professional that where you presently run your business has left you? What you have to decide is: “Am I far too comfortable where I’m at to ever consider a transition, or have I finally realized that the only way that I can truly gather the revenue […]

Coop's Corner Episode 5: Succession Planning

Have you spent the better part of your career working harder than most people ever fathomed and impacting more lives than most people could ever imagine? While rewarding, this can often also lead to being so caught up that you forget to create a succession plan for your own business. In this Coop’s Corner episode, […]

Coop's Corner Episode 4: Infrastructure

Have you ever had a fantastic meeting with a client, but get back to the office and realize how much work you created for yourself that might get in the way of helping more clients? As we all know, the job doesn’t stop when the client says ‘yes’ and signs (or DocuSigns) on the dotted […]

Coop's Corner Episode 3: Marketing

Have you ever had a situation where you knew you needed to market your practice more effectively, and you sought out advice but received no support from your firm? In this episode, Charles Cooper discusses our relationship driven approach to marketing, designed to help the associates who make up the firm to stand out from […]

Coop's Corner Episode 2: Penny Vs. Dollar Work

As you continue to expand your practice, do you find yourself spending more and more time in less profitable, administrative activities? In this episode, Charles Cooper discusses the firm’s approach to penny work vs. dollar work and how our infrastructure is designed to allow you to spend the preponderance of your time – every day, […]

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