Meet Sara Canterbury – Member of Skylight’s LGBTQ Resource Team


June 26, 2017

For Pride Month, we would like to introduce the different members of our LGBT Resource Team and find out why they are passionate about serving the LGBT community. Meet the fourth member of our team – Sara Canterbury, Senior Associate and Financial Planner in our Columbus office (pictured opposite, center, with the Family Pride Network Board).

1.  What motivated you to specialize in LGBT financial planning?

I am passionate about helping all individuals and couples achieve their goals and working with LGBT clients, particularly appealed to me, as it often requires creative and unique planning to get the best outcomes.

2.  What’s the most common financial concern you hear from your LGBT clients (and what’s the reason for their concern)?

A common concern I hear is about combining households especially when it involves children from previous relationships.  With new doors opening in terms of legal rights and benefits for the LGBT community, they want to know how best to take advantage of these changes.

3.  How do feel you can best serve your LGBT clients?

By being compassionate, caring and understanding.

4.  Beyond financial planning, how do you integrate with and support the LGBT community and/or help in the fight for better understanding, inclusion, and diversity?

I serve on the Board of Directors for Family Pride Network. It’s great to be part of this fantastic organization that offers a strong support network for LGBT families and does so much to create an LGBT family-friendly environment.

5.  Who in the LGBT community would you most like to meet – alive or dead (and why)?

I would love to meet Ellen DeGeneres!  She took a big risk when she came out as lesbian but never shied away from who she was.