Motorcycle Racing Financial Planner Hosts the 2nd Annual Skylight Financial Group Endurance Cup


September 13, 2021

Saturday, September 4th, marked the 2nd annual Skylight Financial Group Endurance Cup hosted by Toby Kemsuzian, the self-proclaimed motorcycle racing financial planner, through the Ohio Mini Roadracing League (OMRL). The OMRL creates a “family-friendly environment for young people to learn how to race and allow those who do not have aspirations to make it a career to race,” Toby shared.

The Skylight Financial Group Endurance Cup would not be an event if it weren’t for Toby’s love of the sport that started when he got his first dirt bike at 7-years-old. Although his parents never allowed racing, at 16, Toby and his brother went to a superbike race, which he describes as “the coolest thing he has seen and was a life-altering event.” From then on out, he has gone to the event for virtually 30 years. He has continued his love and shows his passion for the sport through the OMRL and, specifically, the Skylight Financial Group Endurance Cup.  

This year’s cordial competition took place at G & J Kartway in Camden, OH, and consisted of 10 teams with two to four racers, ranging in age and experience levels. No team could have more than two racers rated at an expert level to even the playing field, or racetrack, rather. “During a typical race weekend, everyone is competing against each other, so this event brings a sense of excitement and comradery as we all cheer on our team,” Toby said.

Just as last year, the race was four hours long, only allowing each racer to be on the track for 30 minutes at a time. The race begins with a Le Mans-style start, which is unique to this event during the season, where the beginning racers line up at one end of the track, run to their bikes when the starter waves the flag, start their bikes, and begin the race. “The Le-Mans start adds a little more commotion to the beginning of the race, but I told my teammates there was no way I was running across the track at this age,” Toby joked.

To add to the action on the track, it rained for the last half hour of the race, causing many harmless crashes, consistent with the OMRL motto they live by: “Everyone has to go to work on Monday, so be smart and don’t take unnecessary risks that could get someone hurt,” Toby said. Luckily the rain did not interfere with his team, Mach Zero, from coming in 2nd place.

Overall, the weekend was “a great way to get people with the same interests to hang out and have a good time with family and friends,” Toby shared. He provided plenty of pizza, beer, and water for everyone to enjoy after the race. There was no shortage of fun times, good food, and happy company at this year’s event!

Thanks, Toby, for sharing! Be sure to check back on our Facebook page to see more action-packed photos from the race. You can learn more about Ohio Mini Roadracing League at www.omrlmoto.com.

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